The Eastern Partnership

Thanks to the efforts undertaken by the Ministry of Culture on the forum of the Eastern Partnership IV Platform (devoted to people-to-people contacts, including education, youth and culture) and the EU Council Cultural Affairs Committee , including during the Polish Presidency of the Council of the EU in 2011, it was possible to open the Creative Europe programme to the participation of countries involved in the Eastern Partnership.

The Eastern Partnership is an original initiative of Poland and Sweden, approved by the European Council on 19-20 March 2009, and successfully introduced into the system of European Union’s foreign relations. The recipients include: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The European Commission lists the support for cultural policy reforms on the governmental level in the Eastern Partnership member states and the strengthening of regional ties and intercultural dialogue between the EU and the EaP region. These are the main aims of the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme.

The Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage is the Eastern Partnership Platform IV contacts between people leader in Poland. . Measures coordinated within this body aim to:

  • develop intercultural dialogue and cooperation in the field of culture
  • develop an information society
  • stimulate scientific exchange
  • fully implement programmes directed to the youth (i.a. Erasmus+) and the cultural sector (Creative Europe).

Ministry of Culture and National Heritage implements a lot of bilateral projects, of both artistic and capacity-buliding nature, with the Eastern Partnership countries.

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